Data Management

Our team of seasoned data analysts converts the data collected from primary research into simplified information enabling the researchers to interpret it easily in the light of research objective. Our analysts are proficient to work on the leading data analysis tools like Quantum, SPSS, Quanvert and Wincross etc.

Our Data Management services include following:

Data Validation: Key to data analysis is valid data. Our team validates the collected data to check for any data inconsistencies and outliers.  We have expertise in data merging, formatting across different formats like ASCII, SPSS, Excel and CSV etc.

Data Tabulation:  Data is meaningless unless it helps make decisions that have measurable impact. Our data analyst team have the capability to handle large data sets from a single project, multi country projects, tracker/wave projects or data in different file formats, cross tabulating them as per the table specs and defined banner points, which makes it easier to draw inferences from the data.