Survey Programming

Quantified Tech Solutions survey programming team constitutes of seasoned survey programmers having extensive knowledge of varied complexities on different survey programming platforms. Our highly skilled programmers are proficient in programming on tools such as Confirmit, Decipher, Dimensions(IOM), Qualtrics, Sawtooth, Dooblo (SurveyToGo) and SurveyGizmo.

Our team specializes in custom programming using jQuery, JavaScript and flash. They can program multilingual surveys with ease. Some of the scripting capabilities include:

  • Complex programming logics like branching, filtering of responses, rotation, loops, algorithms etc
  • Data pre-population to be used later in the analysis
  • Save and return functionality
  • Speeder checks
  • Pass-back linkage to allow tracking of panelist by clients
  • Programming and maintaining Tracker Studies
  • Programming of Multi - lingual studies
  • Complex Quota programming and management
  • Integrating Flash, videos, applets, etc. with the survey
  • Conjoint, Maxdiff, Algorithms programming
  • Customized look and feel as per client's requirement
  • Implementation of custom question setup like Ads testing, virtual shelf test etc. using Angular JS, jQuery and Java script